With anew anti-aging skin care regimens

What is a skin care regimen?
Quite simply, it’s your daily routine, used morning and evening. To begin, choose an Anew family according to your age-based needs:
30+ Rejuvenate – fine lines & wrinkles, dull skin, visible pores; undereye puffiness
40+ Reversalist – wrinkles, loss of firmness & uneven skin tome; dark undereye circles
50+ Ultimate – deep lines & dark age spots, thinning skin; undereye bags

Why use a skin care regimen?
97% of dermatologists agree, “The best way to treat & protect your skin is to start a daily anti-aging skin care regimen as early as possible.”

How to use a skin care regimen…
Step 1: Cleanse – Begin with an Anew cleanser to clean out your pores, remove impurities and prepare skin for moisturizers and treatments.
Step 2: Moisturize – for daytime protection, moisturize with an Anew day cream with SPF sunscreen and in the evening, use a night cream. Choose from the same category as your cleanser. Both will hydrate your skin and reduce signs of aging.
Step 3: Treat – Finish with an Anew eye treatment for your eye area. Each is designed to complement your day and night creams and treat vulnerable eye area with extra care.

Start today for younger-looking skin!


Lesson1 – Ready, set…Glow! Lightly dust on Transparent Glow over any other Mineral Foundation shade to set your makeup…and enhance your radiance.

Lesson 2 – Layer your color! Mineral eyeshadows are perfect for layering because the loose powdery pigments are so featherlight. Try using three shades to build color and intensify the effect.

Lesson 3 – Know your skin type! Think about your skin’s needs and select the foundation formula that makes sense.
Dry – Generally mature skin. Often appears dry, thirsts for moisture, feels tight after cleansing and rarely breaks out. A moisturizing formula is best.
Oily – Prone to breakouts, blackheads and large pores. It gets shiny fast and has few or no wrinkles. Powder is great because it has an oil-absorbing formula. Normal/Combination – Neither too oily nor too dry…or may need a little help controlling oil in T-zone. Try a balancing formula, which moisturizes or mattifies just where you need it.

Lesson 4 – Use blush to enhance your face shape! Find your face shape then apply your blush to accentuate the positive!
Oval – Blend on cheekbones for an allover pretty flush of color.
Round – apply at a 45° angle along cheekbones, upward to temples.
Heart – Apple in small circles, focusing on the apples of your cheeks.
Long – Apply to apples and blend outward toward ears, not upward to temples.

Lesson 5 – How to choose the lip hues for your skin tone…
Light – You look pretty in pinks, soft roses and mauves. A touch of twinkle on your lips also makes your fair skin glow.
Light/Medium – You could go a bit deeper…rosy reds and beguiling berries flatter your skin tone and make your lips blush.

Medium – Browns, bronzes, beiges and peaches bring out your natural glow…and you look great in the nudes.
Deep – Deep browns, rich wines and luscious plums enhance the beauty of your color.

Lesson 6 – Make lip gloss last longer! Use lip liner as an allover base coat of color for gloss to cling to. (Psst…it’s a favorite trick of makeup artists to keep gloss in check.)
1. Line lips to define your shape.
2. Fill in entire area with your lip liner.
3. Top off your look with matching gloss for juicy shine.

Lesson 7 – Soft smokin’ eyes! A smoldering look is always hot…even in the day! Eyes speak volumes with seductively soft plums or blue shadows. Add color-matched liners for subtle definition.

Lesson 8 – Eye-catching matchmakers! For the most dramatic eye impact, pair a loose powder shadow with a bold liquid liner in a complementary or contrasting shade.

Lesson 9 – Off to a smooth start…Exfoliate your cuticles for smoother, more beautiful nails and to prep your pointers for an impeccable polished look!

Lesson 10 – Mani in a minute…Take a half a minute to clip, snip, file and buff your way to beautiful, shapely nails. Then with 30 seconds to spare, pick your shade, polish up …and go!