$ 50.00 Health Study ~ Chasen Research

is conducting a market research study on the topic of:
If you qualify and participate, you will receive
for a 20 minute phone interview.
No sales involved, ever!
To start, please answer the questions below and email your responses back by
Wednesday, February 13th
to: dlindsay@chasenresearch.com

Note: These questions are for market research purposes. Sometimes we are looking for people that have purchased and/or consumed certain products/services, and sometimes we are looking for people that have not done so. Please be honest in your responses.
Phone number
Best time to reach you
In general how would you describe your own health? A:excellent, B: Very Good, C: Good, D: Fair, E: Poor
Have you had a serious or chronic illness, injury or disability that has required a lot of medical care in the past 2 yrs? Please specify.
Were you hospitalized in the past 2 yrs?
Have you had major surgery in the past 2 yrs?
9. What city and state do you currently reside?