Brooks Runners Products Testers Needed ~ Seattle, WA Area Only ... a+Lab+Rat/

Read all of the below for the various areas and criteria.

"When Brooks envisions the future of running footwear, we look
to you. Our research team currently seeks runners to participate in
our Biomechanics Lab Testing Program and/or Wear Testing Program.
If you meet the following criteria, please continue reading for details
about our testing programs and, if interested, proceed to our application

* Seattle area only: Men’s size 9, women’s size 8.5
* Regular width only
* All biomechanical profiles: neutral, stability and motion control
(everyone from supinators and neutral runners to mild to severe overpronators)

* Any geographic location: Motion control profile: severe overpronators
* Men and women of all shoe sizes
* Regular width only

Brooks Biomechanics Lab Testing Program
Brooks conducts continuous research on runners’ biomechanics (the
way you move), and the effects of running footwear on biomechanics, performance, and comfort. Our studies, conducted at our Bothell, WA headquarters, examine the effectiveness of current Brooks product in
meeting runners’ needs—as compared with competitors’ products and in
an effort to pioneer new technologies that enhance running efficacy and performance. The data we collect from runners in the lab directly informs
the development of Brooks products.

The duration of testing ranges from one to two hours, one to four times
a year. Testers will be required to run for a maximum of three minutes at
a time and at a pace of 8:30/mile.

Brooks Wear Testing Program
Brooks needs your expert opinion on products in development. Your input
will shape the fit, function, design and color of future footwear. At times,
you will be able to keep the product you wear on your regular runs.
However, at other times, we will call to request that you ship product back
to Brooks at your own expense. If we do not have to cut open your shoes, we can return them to you upon completion of our analysis.

Become a Tester
Join one or both of the above programs as a tester today. Fill out our brief application form. Thank you for your support of Brooks Sports."