woo hoo! I didn't lose any additional weight this past week, but I attribute that to not exercising...Cocoa tried to exercise with me and tripped me and I threw my back in a direction it shouldn't go when I tried not to crash on my knee;-\ ahh, well, I'm feeling better today and plan to exercise a bit longer each day to make up for it and delight in the fact that I'm eating something other than beans and rice! LOL!

Lemon-saffron grilled chicken thighs, rice, and peas

Lime-jalapeno grilled chicken, veggie pasta, and mixed veggies

Mexican chicken salad and toasted tortillas

Linguine with fresh tomatoes, basil and brie (I've sooo missed pasta these last weeks)

Penne with zucchini, tomatoes and Proscuitto

Zucchini ribbon pasta salad with Parmesan curls

Canadian bacon, spinach and tomato sandwich

I'll be back to the grind after this week, so I won't post my boring menus for three weeks again...soooo...I'll see you for the last week in February!