With the world economy shrinking, the offshore services are growing in importance. Among the many jobs available offshore, the age is now for offshore banking as well. Offshore banking involves opening up of accounts, trusts and other financial services in another jurisdiction. This allows the customers to take advantage of the aspects like lower taxes, asset protection, privacy and safety.

The energy sector has prospered in recent years, with the growth in commercialization. The need for energy is rising and the demand for energy is way above the supply. This is owing to the limited supply of fossil fuels and its inability to reproduce on demand. As such there is a slow shift towards the renewable energy sources that are unlimited in supply. Renewable energy or green energy is the future of energy. The investors have understood this and are investing their money in this sector. Last year, the sector saw an investment of 155 billion dollars into the sector.

Offshore energy investment allows the investors to take advantage of in-depth knowledge of emerging energy markets combined with the safety of a secure financial harbor. This enables the investors to gain maximum globally. Clean and renewable energy are becoming inevitable with every passing day and investing in these resources are sure to benefit the investors immensely and also for the society.