CIGNA - HopeLab's Re-Mission CANCER "Video Game"
CIGNA is using products developed by HopeLab to help young people with cancer improve their health and quality of life. CIGNA is offering them a free copy of an innovative computer video game called Re-MissionTM.

Developed by HopeLab, Re-Mission is a cool and fun game that gives young people a sense of power and control over cancer. Research shows that young people who played Re-Mission increased their understanding of cancer and adhered to their treatments more consistently.*

Re-Mission is also available free to doctors and facilities who treat young people with cancer!

Order your free copy now!
Available through CIGNA in the United States, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands only. For international orders, please order directly from HopeLab at Re-Mission is a PC-based video game rated "T" (for Teen). You must be 13 years of age or older to order Re-Mission.

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