Homer Simpson Bumper Sticker


Throughout the next year, PresidentSimpson.com will be giving away a variety of free things.

Supplies however are limited so if you don't get something this time, check back soon as we may have new gifts for you.

Also, please don't order unless you really want it... Save something for the real fans of the site.

Currently we are giving away 8 freebumper stickers with the PresidentGriffin.com logo (if you would rather another character's bumpersticker, please go to (presidentsimpson.com, presidentgriffin.com, presidentquagmire.com


Fill out your data in the form below to get a free tshirt. That's it!

Oh yeah, wear it proud, on TV, in low or high budget movies, on the radio (wait no not there), just basically anywhere that it will be seen.