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    Post Week One of THE DIET

    I will probably post the most boring menus you've EVER seen from me for the next three weeks, but maybe it'll help others that have jumped on the must-lose-weight wagon...

    1/2 cup beans, corn, and green beans

    1 cup brown rice, green beans, and peas

    4-oz baked whiting, 1/2 baked sweet potato, peas, and mixed veggies

    Veggie burger and 1 cup brown rice

    Mixed veggies, corn, and 1 cup brown rice

    Corn, green beans, and 1/2 cup brown rice

    4 oz broiled chicken, green beans, and peas

    I think that I can work this diet because it's CHEAP! LOL! and it does have ingredients that I DO like...and it's three weeks on and one week off until I lose the desired weight...and I'm better off than I thought that I was -- bought a scale today at Walmart and I weigh nine pounds less than my last doctor's visit during the summer! woo hoo! so bear with me and see how things go

    p.s. I made a batch of bean soup in the crockpot (you know the package of dried beans that I'm talking about, but it's totally vegetarian) and this works for the 'beans' so at least one meal will be extra tasty since I'm limited on spicing things sauces or butter or cheese or...
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