If you have a Publix, in the front of the store are fliers that have a store $2 off coupon for any Covergirl product. In the newspaper, there were 3 different $1 off Covergirl manufacturer coupons. You can combine store and manufacturer coupons so if you buy a product that is $3 or less, you will get it free or even make money off it.

I got 2 eyeshadows for free ($2.99 each) and made money buying a 2-pack of black eyeliner ($2.49). You will still have to pay tax on it however.

It helps to add this in to your regular shopping trip because if you just buy it by itself, the register will require a manager's key to allow more than one coupon per item. It is allowed but its a pain for them to go get a manager to key it. If you are buying other items, it won't cause an issue.

Happy Free Shopping!!!