Bullets Myths Busted DVD, Barnes Bullets


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Barnes New “Bullet Myths Busted” DVD Offered Free
Release Date: July 2, 2007

Is bullet energy really the best guide to killing power? Which bullets expand faster in deer? “Bullet Myths Busted,” the second in Barnes’ “Choosing the Right Bullet” DVD series, is being offered free to Barnes’ customers and other shooters.

“Bullet Myths Busted” tackles popular misconceptions about bullet performance and unmasks false claims. Exclusive high-speed video compares bullet expansion and penetration—tests never before revealed by a bullet manufacturer. Learn why loose-fitting muzzleloader bullets are a bad idea. View the explosive performance of Barnes’ new Varmint Grenade bullet. See which hunting bullets are deadlier than others, and why.

General Chuck Yeager, World War II ace, dedicated hunter and the first man to break the sound barrier, explains the shock wave Triple-Shock bullets create when striking game—then demonstrates its deadly effect.

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