Dear _________,

Your subscription to Windows Live OneCare is scheduled to be automatically renewed to a Free 6 month extension on Tuesday, January 26, 2010. Here is a description of the service:

OneCare provides the PC care services you need to stay safe online and keep your home PCs tuned and running smoothly. Because OneCare will be discontinued in late 2010, we are no longer taking renewals. However, since you are a valued OneCare customer, we are extending your subscription for 6 months free of charge. NO ACTION IS REQUIRED. YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED. You can continue to enjoy the full benefits of OneCare throughout the extended term of your subscription. We will provide information on new options shortly before your subscription expires. Thank you for choosing OneCare. Offer valid in US only.

Please confirm that your account and payment information is up to date.

To view or change your billing account, go to, and select one of the following options:

* To update payment information, click on the payment method's link under 'Payment type', on the next page click 'Go to payment method information', and on the next page click 'Edit payment method information'.
* To view a billing statement for a payment method, click the payment method's link under 'Payment type'.

If you do not want to renew this subscription, you must cancel the subscription before the renewal date shown above. To cancel, go to, click on the service name, and then on the next page click 'Cancel my service'.

Thank you for using Microsoft Online Services.

Microsoft Customer Support