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    Default Chicken n Jasmin Rice *2 recipes*

    I've been on a Jasmine rice fix since I made my first budgeted month back in September. Here are two versions of the same idea. Both are tasty!

    Lazy Method

    1 can of your choice chicken soup
    1 cup roughly of Jasmine Rice
    some extra veggies you feel like throwing in
    handful of cheese
    pepper, garlic, season to taste!
    Chicken broth *if needed*

    Heat the soup
    dump in what veggies you want I used
    carrots, celery, mushrooms, broccoli, califlower
    add rice when soup is heated

    if theres not enough soup just add some chicken stock and a little extra seasoning.

    let the mix simmer till rice is tender and much liquid is absorbed
    throw in cheese and stir

    Now instead of soup you have a chicken cheesey rice dish! I used a mexican cheese mix!

    For a more home made taste use

    small chunks of cooked chicken

    1-2 cups chicken broth
    salt, pepper, garlic *I also like dried rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender etc*
    mushrooms, carrots, corn, beans, broccoli, any other veggies
    1 cup Jasmine rice
    handful of cheese

    With jasmine rice I usually take the time to wash water over it. I put it in a pot and add water...stir till cloudy....drain and repeat till water mostly clear.

    the awesome thing about Jasmine rice is it does well cold so it can be used in puddings and stuff and refrigerates great!

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