Get a $30 Gift Card with a 3rd Generation 8 GB iPod touch

We're offering a $30 Gift Card when you purchase an 8 GB iPod touch (3rd generation). The iPod touch is a great iPod, a great pocket computer, and a great portable game player. Listen to a mix of songs automatically put together by the Genius Mixes feature. Watch a movie. Surf the web. View rich HTML email. Find your location and get directions with Google Maps. Discover games and apps you're sure to love with new Genius recommendations for apps. And since iPod touch now comes with the latest 3.1 software already installed, you can start using fun, convenient features right out of the box. Then, use the $30 Gift Card to shop later, or use it as a stocking stuffer.

To take advantage of this special offer, just add both the qualifying iPod touch and the $30 Gift Card to your cart; you will not be charged for the Gift Card. Message

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