Replace worn, sagging or torn screenings- First remove the molding around the screen. It covers the tacks and/or staples that hold the screening in place.

Then remove the tacks or stapes and the screening. You?ll need to buy new screening and staples/tacks of the same material as the old screening. This will prevent future rust or corrosion.

The screening must be large enough to cover the opening, plus the molding. For a professional measure, then add an additional half inch on all four sides. This half inch will be folded back to form a double hem all the way around and allow a secure grip for the stapes or tacks. Staple the screening to the long sides first. Start on the first long side and staple and stretch the screening lengthwise as you work. The secret here is to keep it taut. Before you begin work on the opposite side, check to see if the fit across the width is good. The hem may need some adjustment if the screening has stretched, or if you measured incorrectly. Next, while keeping it taut and even, staple the opposite side. If necessary, adjust the hems on the two ends - then staple. Replace the molding and paint the frame.

Small holes in any type of screening can be mended by gluing a patch of matching material over the hole with epoxy. Make sure that the patch overlaps the area to be mended by an inch. Try using several coats of clear nail polish over very small holes. As a temporary measure, this works well.