This is the 3rd year they have done this, and there is only 2 hours left. Total of this is $154.00.

MacHeist nanoBundle

MacHeist nanoBundle

We like to think of our job as helping introduce the great indie software out there to you guys, the Mac users. Over the past 3 years, between heist prize apps and discounted software bundles, weíve distributed over 4 million software licenses to hundreds of thousands of Mac users around the world.

But as we stared at this yearís bundle, thinking of ways to reach as many Mac users as we could with this collection of amazing apps, we had a crazy idea. The kind of idea that at first seems preposterous. An idea that involved, just this once, removing the only remaining barrier of any significance: the bundleís price.

Say hello to the MacHeist nanoBundle. Itís the same bundle of quality Mac software that you know and loveÖ but itís entirely free.

Download it. Enjoy it. And tell your friends about it, because itíll be gone in under a week, never to return again. Grab it now!