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    I debated posting this in the 'pick me' forum or here. since it has to do with Black Friday, I opted for this forum (Liss, if I've over-stepped my boundaries, hit me with an email and I'll delete).
    as many of you know, I sell Avon. the district is having a contest to come up with the best, district-wide, Black Friday event. we'd like to take advantage of people trying to get the best deals, too, on that particular day.
    I have come up with zilch! so I thought that I'd tap all of the creative brains here! I am willing to pay for the best idea -- do ya think that I'm desparate and want to win the contest! the prize for the best idea is an amethyst ring! my favorite stone!! LOL!
    I will give the best idea (whether I win or lose) a $25 'gift' certificate for Avon products and free shipping if you aren't down the street from me -- hey! it's what I do
    so hit me with your best shot! email me privately so as not to let EVERYONE else know your idea. if you think that it would help the creative juices flow, visit my site (link below) to see what's available in product specials. I have to turn in my idea (yours really) by the 20th. so you can visit the site (don't have to join or sign in to look) until midnight of the 19th -- gotta have time to review everyone's idea, ya know! ANY thoughts are appreciated...

    thanks for your help!

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