Are you a Veteran living in San Diego County who left the Military in 2004 through 2008? If so, we would like hear about your experiences!
The Altarum Institute, a non-profit organization, is seeking volunteers for Veterans surveys. The results of these surveys will be used in a community effort to improve services for Veterans. Your experiences will help us understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current system and what could be done to improve it. In appreciation of their contribution all participants will be sent a $10 gift card after completing the first survey, and a $20 gift card after completing a second survey 12 months later. (Gift card from Gift Certificates - Shop at Over 300 Online Stores.)

You can complete the survey online by going to: VCAT Consent

If you do not have internet access and would like a paper survey or have some questions you would like to ask before participating you can contact Altarum Institute at 1-877-575-5375 (this is a toll-free number).

We assure you that if you decide to participate at no time will anyone try and sell you anything. Our goal is to learn from the experiences of Veterans like you, so if you are eligible we would very much appreciate you giving us a call.
Thank you for your consideration and thank you for your service.
Altarum Institute