Giveaway of the Day - Typing Assistant 5.0

Typing Assistant Auto-Completes your frequently used words and phrases in any Windows application. The program automatically learns the words you type, automatically corrects spelling mistakes, automatically expands user-defined shorthand to full text, automatically accesses clipboard history contents, and automatically launches user-defined application/file/folder so that the more you use the program, the smarter it becomes and the more you find it useful.
Key Features

* Universal Compatibility: Works with virtually all programs.
* Freely Dictionary Selecting: General or professional dictionary is available.
* Auto-Learn: Learns unknown and recently typed words.
* Auto-Expand: Expands shorthand to full text.
* Auto-Clipboard: Quickly accesses clipboard history.
* Auto-Launch: Launches frequently used application conveniently.
* Spell Checking: Beep on misspelled words.
* Easy to Configure: Satisfies the needs of both fast typist and hunt and peck typing.
* Portable: Runs from a USB memory device.
* Easy to use.

Giveaway of the Day - free licensed software daily. Typing Assistant 5.0 - Typing Assistant autocompletes your frequently used words and phrases anywhere. It makes typing faster, more intelligent and lowers effort.