Free Rhinostat Treatment Kit for those addicted to Nasal Spray $35 Value - your doctor must fax the form to them

Physician Education & Outreach Program

As part of its physician outreach and education program Rhinostat also offers a way for rhinitis medicamentosa patients to obtain a kit free of charge.

Rhinostat presents its method at several important medical meetings each year, yet we reach only a small percentage of health care providers that see RM patients.

Prior to visiting their health care providers, RM patients may print and bring with them, our Physician Information Guide. Patients then request that their physicians order the kit for them. Rhinostat will then send the complimentary kit directly to their physician.

The free kit offer page:
(free kits are not based on financial need, they are trying to get the word out to doctors about their product)

Get A Free Rhinostat Kit For Rebound Congestion, Afrin Nasal Spray Addiction, Rhinitis Medicamentosa