Louie Logo Cartoon video

Louie Logo Cartoon
PHMA's second video for kids is in cartoon format, starring Louis Logo with the PHMA logo head. This one mentions helmets for many activities besides bicycles, including scooter, skatboard, hockey, baseball, football, soccer and ski. It also mentions laws, chin bars for tooth protection and fitting. There is a cartoon test lab and a melon drop that switches to actual photos. The commercial roots don't show until the end, when it tells the kiddies "Don't forget to read the instruction book that came with your helmet," and has a loooong formal message for parents that the announcer reads, followed by the commercial. You can cut all of that off, though. The video is about six minutes. PHMA can send it to you on VCR or CD, and it's free. You would want to be ready with questions for the kids after showing it, but there is no lesson plan provided.