In response to the woman who said she wants to make the skirting look nice.
I suggest using white lattice around the perimeter of the skirting. Some
nice large pots of flowers can also cover up the skirting underneath the
lattice. Making a nice walkway with some 12" square bricks to the door and
updating the front of the home can work wonders. My husband and I once
lived in a single wide and I put lots of geraniums in front to cover up the
metal skirting. Buying some large pots and putting geraniums can save a lot
of money since geraniums transplant very easily. I am in Southern
California and what I do is break of a branch of geranium and let it dry out
overnight, then plant it in the new soil the next day. You can ask
neighbors for their cuttings of different colored geraniums most wont mind
if you pick a couple up from them. Geraniums are the easiest to care for
flower. Never attract bugs and need little water. Again I live in So Cal so
maybe its different than where you are from. Anyways good luck. You can
also consider getting new siding and skirting on your trailer. In our area
that runs a few thousand dollars but makes a huge difference. Good Luck.