Give REI-Now Alerts a try, give us some feedback and we'll give you $25 off a future purchase.

What's REI-Now Alerts? Simply put, it's your ticket to adventure when you're on the go. REI-Now Alerts is a free, 60-day trial service that uses GPS capabilities of your AT&T Blackberry to occasionally text you about special offers, savings and more when you're near any REI location or places that may be of interest in the outdoors. It's the easiest way to stay in touch with your favorite outdoor adventure company.

So how does this new technology work? The service just needs to download a small utility app to your device - and that's it. You'll receive a maximum of three text messages a week and can easily opt-out of the program at any time. During the course of the trial, you may be contacted by a research firm to complete a survey. Completion of the survey will make you eligible to receive the $25 coupon.

To sign up, simply complete the fields below, agree to the terms and conditions and we'll text you the download link.

REI-Now Alerts