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    Default Holiday No-Nos: What Not To Do This Holiday Season

    Donít throw away the receipt and packing materials

    This is one of those things that might seem too obvious to list but it happens. People misplace receipts and toss the empty box after unpacking the item. But, some stores, like Target, require all original packing materials when returning electronics and appliances. They also require the receipt. Failure to provide a receipt might mean not being able to return the item or settling for an in-store credit, which might be at a store you donít like.

    Be careful when buying gifts that require a monthly charge

    Everyone has bills so if you buy someone a gift that requires a monthly charge then the courteous gesture the gift-giver is to absorb the monthly payment for about six months as part of the gift. This way the person who receives the gift has a good length of time to decide if this gift is worth keeping after your 6-month payment period expires.

    Donít over-extend your financial capabilities

    Itís tempting to buy something for yourself when shipping for others. But, donít get sucked into the no-interest financing deals or use your credit card without thinking about the long-term impact your purchase will have on your budget. Youíll see some pretty good sales on electronics equipment from now until the end of the year. Say ďnoĒ to the impulse buy this holiday season and ďyesĒ to financial bliss in the New Year.

    Make sure thereís not a restocking fee in case of return

    Restocking fees are those pesky charges stores put on the consumer for returning electronic items. They can range from 10 to 30 percent or higher depending on the store and item. Be sure to read the fine print before buying and question the salesperson about restocking fees. If the store has restocking fees then consider buying the item at another retailer. You can always request a price match from the restocking fee store to get the better price.

    If ordering something online, make sure you ship it to the right address

    If you are traveling this holiday season or are planning on buying something for someone that is traveling then make sure you know the address where the item should be shipped to. You might think this is a non-issue but a couple of years ago I ordered a golf club online and shipped it to my home address. That was fine only I wasnít at home when the package arrived. I was at my Momís house playing in a 3-day golf tournament. So, I wasnít able to use the club in the tournament.

    Make sure that the person has interest in the item

    Buying something that someone doesnít have interest in or need is a no-no. It shows the person that either you donít know them or didnít think about what they could really use. Instead, think about their viewing habits, listen to what they talk about and take a look at their television and related components.

    Donít buy something for yourself and pawn it off as a gift

    You may ask yourself, ďWho does this?Ē But, it happens. I know people that buy something for their significant other only to take possession of it shortly after the holidays. Guys, this means that buying a new plasma high definition television for your wife isnít cool if you plan on installing it in your home office or garage Ė unless thatís where she wants it.

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    Default Re: Holiday No-Nos: What Not To Do This Holiday Season

    We came up with a "Remember the reason for the Season" idea for our family a couple years ago and decided to go with homemade gifts. It was such a hit we've kept on doing it! Handmade quilts, family calendars made on our computer, recipe books with family pictures and stories tided in, the list we've had goes on and on! with 7 of us we never know what is going to show up! We love it!

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