Classic Waterless Car Wash and Protective Glaze

Classic Waterless Car Wash and Protective Glaze revolutionized the auto detailing industry. In 1991 it was introduced as the first waterless car wash product. It allowed vehicle owners to wash, polish, seal the paint with a protective glaze and add UV protection to their cars all in one easy step. And the end result was a shine that exceeded anything they had ever used. Just spray the product on the finish and it immediately lifts the dirt from the surface and protects the finish as you wipe the dirt until it hazes with a terry cloth rag. Then buff the haze away with another terry cloth or micro fiber towel. Just 2-4 oz. will do a typical mid-size car.

DWG Classic is especially suited for pre-2000 automotive paints. But it is also great on most hard non-porous surfaces of your vehicle such as glass, wheels, mirrors, etc. Although it is called a car wash, it is equally effective on trucks, boats, buses, personal water craft, airplanes, motorcycles, skis, and recreational vehicles. You will find that it works well in cleaning gelcoat fiberglass and brings out the shine on RV finishes and vinyl decals.

The polymer protective glaze seals the paint and keeps dirt from penetrating the finish, keeping the vehicle looking good for weeks.

Because no water is used, you are helping to protect our environment by not producing potentially harmful water runoff. You also save precious water resources that are becoming increasingly in short supply. In fact, a 32 oz bottle can save 2000 gallons of water that would have been used with the traditional methods of car washing.