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    Default Sept. 5-11 Food storage Menu

    Well, we've learned we can live on our food storage and make it very well. Kids even made cream caramels today that was great. Even DH understands now why I insisted on having sugar, cocoa and chocolate chips in our food storage. Living on it full time you really look forward to the treats! The one thing they are missing is Nacho's so we'll add that to our list for future buying trips.

    Saturday Chicken Risotto
    Sunday Chicken Enchiladas
    Monday Hamburgers with veggies from the garden
    Tuesday Pinto Beans with pan fried Potatoes and corn muffins
    Wednesday Chicken pot Pie
    Thursday Making Do Soup (What ever meat, veggies, pasta we have handy)
    Friday Chili (use left over Pinto beans)

    Lunch is any left overs or sandwiches and Breakfast is usually hot cereal or Eggs & toast. I make all our breads every other day and the opposite days bake anything else we want or need. Usually do cookies, popcorn flavors or crackers.

    Broke down and bought a gallon of milk and it sure taste funny! Guess we'll mix it with the dry milk and I won't bother buying it again!

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