Free Cactus seeds

Dear cactus friends,

we wish to draw your attention to our vast assortment of cactuses

that we can deliver in the form of seed. If you are interested

in beautiful decorative cactuses, please, contact us by e-mail

and we shall send you

free of charge

in the frame of our present special offer

the choice of the seed of flourish cactuses to your mail adress

(today Gymnocalycium monvillei).

Therefore do not hesitate to click on

and in your order do not forget to mention your complete mail address.

Your order, as well as the validity of this offer, can be acknowledged

on the homepage

where you can obtain more information about our offer.

We shall be pleased, if you would spread this information among

your cactus-friends, so that we may grant them with our seed samples,

of course, free of charge as well.