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    Star Free Web Filtering - Parental Control, Working Environment Restrictions, etc

    There are some feature differences you should be aware of if switching to Live Parental Controls (LPC) from our core OpenDNS service:

    * Using LPC eliminates the need for a dynamic IP update client using a new "Device ID". The router itself defines the network.

    * Bypass accounts - allows you to associate a Windows computer with a sub-account that has different filtering settings than the default/all network users.

    * Time based blocking - pretty self explanatory. This allows you to have different filtering rules based on local time

    * All DNS queries from behind the router will be routed to the OpenDNS/LPC server even if the computer is explicitly set to use a different DNS server.

    * LPC does not have statistics

    * LPC will allow you to use your OpenDNS login but will not use any of the settings you currently have

    * A separate dashboard has been created at - if you have a NETGEAR router you will notice a link from the OpenDNS dashboard to the NETGEAR router specific dashboard

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    Default Re: Free Web Filtering - Parental Control, Working Environment Restrictions, etc

    Hi, FreebieQueen.
    Nice sharing thanks for sharing such a nice information with us..Nowadays, children are growing up with information at their fingertips, but many of the times and places they go on-line are not safe. Chat rooms can expose children to unpleasant ideas and leading to horrifying websites. As with all child safety precautions, it is best to work actively with children so they can learn how to navigate the world’s traps and tricks when they are on their own..



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