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    Default Menu Planning + Shopping List + Cooking = Lower Grocery Bill

    Menu Planning + Shopping List + Cooking = Lower Grocery Bill

    Spending a little extra time planning a menu, preparing a shopping list and cooking most of your food will save your family money and help you to eat healthier.

    Menu Planning:
    If you plan and shop for only one weeks worth of meals you will be less likely to buy the more expensive convenience foods or go out to eat. Keep your menu posted on your refrigerator, along with a list of your leftovers, this will assist you in planning the following week’s menu and shopping list. Browse the aisles of your local store and learn the price of the food items that you use most often. This will help you to know which items are a great buy during a sale.

    See how many convenience foods you can cross off your list by planning something healthier and cheaper instead. For example: instead of potato chips, buy un-popped popcorn; instead of ready-made desserts, make your own cookies, cakes, or muffins; instead of packaged snacks, try fresh or dried fruits.

    Shopping List:
    You can save money at the grocery store by shopping with a list, watch for sales on items you use, but try to only buy those items on your list. Shop when you can go by yourself and are not rushed. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables when they are in season, at other times buy frozen vegetables as they generally cost less then the canned vegetables. Shop for store brand items they also cost less. Buying items like pasta, beans and rice are more affordable in bulk sizes.

    Work on your cooking skills. Make certain you have at least one good, general type cookbook. If you have been able to prepare meals from a box you will have little problems with a cookbook. Remember not everyone is a five star chef we all learn by trial and error. Learn how to cut up a chicken and prepare your own vegetables. Use recipes that you can double or triple. If you are preparing a pan of macaroni and cheese make two putting one in your freezer for another meal. This will not only save you time but will also make those rushed evenings easy to plan around.

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    Default Re: Menu Planning + Shopping List + Cooking = Lower Grocery Bill

    You might also want to eat before you go shopping that way you won't be hungry and stuff not on your list won't tempt you. Hope this helps. Thanks; Virginia

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