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    Heart Google Voice Going to give a free phone number "for life"

    You have to leave your email address to be notified when it starts which is supposed to be soon.

    Google Voice is a new Google service that offers "one number for life," so that one incoming call to that number gets forwarded to all your other numbers work, mobile, home or hotel room. Users get free calls across the United States and international rates cheaper said to be currently cheaper than Skype. Landlines, computers and cellphones can all access its services. Voicemails are automatically transcribed and sent as e-mails or text messages, and there are loads more features, including smart handling of SMS messages, free conference calls, switch phones during a call, the ability to listen to a incoming voice mail before taking a call and call recording. Available now to current Grandcentral users but check out the video features to find out what they have planned.

    Google Voice : Coming soon - Google Voice Help


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    Default Re: Google Voice Going to give a free phone number "for life"

    If you haven't signed up for an invite, I urge you all to do so.

    I got an invite late last week. It allows SMS messaging, so I no longer get hit with text charges to two phones while texting my wife from work. It can forward to any phone you ask it to, with custom answers for different groups. You can work it off your G-Mail contact list, if you already have a G-Mail account. You can chose to send numbers directly to Voice Mail, listen to incoming voice mails like you would listen to calls on the answering machine, all in all a very nice system.




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