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    Heart Free Books from Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

    Free Books from Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

    Many who are seeking rock-solid faith and guidance in our post-Christian American society, believe that there are only two choices when it comes to Christianity: Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Actually there are 35,001 choices in Christianity as it is known in the West: Roman Catholicism and the 35,000 different denominations (each with its own interpretation of God's revelation) that sprang from it in the fracturing Reformation.

    But a great many seekers have discovered that there is another place to call home: The One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that evangelized the entire eastern Roman Empire and survives intact, undivided and unchanged in doctrine and order of worship to this day. It is the Orthodox Church -- the Christian Church that began in Jerusalem, on the day of Pentecost. (A brief description of Her history appears on our "About Orthodoxy" page). She is a safe refuge from the bizarre upheavals in doctrine and worship found on the contemporary religious scene.

    On this page are links to excerpts from two books on Orthodox Christianity. And we offer you the book of your choice for free. To get one, just call us at 607-732-3980 or Email us (form at bottom of page). If you order a book, we'll send it and we won't bother you. We'll just be here to answer your questions if you have any. We want you to see that there is much more to Christianity than you know! We hope you'll get a book and give it a prayerful reading. God bless you!

    Holy Trinity Orthodox Christian Church - Help for Seekers

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