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    Heart Free Pro Trainer Soccer Ball Machine DVD

    Our Free DVD shows you how much fun soccer players can have while becoming better technically skilled. We guarantee you will see the benefit of using this machine in your soccer training sessions.

    Bottom line is that players improve their first touch skills when they integrate thier soccer training with this machine. They build valuable confidence on the ball that makes them better team players in the game of soccer. And they love it!

    You will see how the Pro Trainer serves effective and efficient soccer balls to players every five or ten seconds giving them the chance to focus and work on improving skills. Imagine your players getting 100's of air balls at 10-15 yards where they can really zero in on proper first touch technique. See how confidence builds in players who have never had the chance to get repetitive serves before.

    Control of the soccer ball is so critical for players.

    Fill out this short form and we will send you our FREE DVD.

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