1. Sloppy Joe's

1 pound hamburger (more or less depending on family size)
1 bottle of ketchup (just put in enough to make it 'sloppy' enough
for you)
1 cup brown sugar (more or less depending on how sweet you like them)
1 pack of hamburger buns (bread gets too soggy, too fast, and the
sandwich falls apart)

Brown the burger completly, then drain the grease. Add in the
ketchup, then add in the brown sugar, adding more of each until you
have the taste you like.

.79 for the burger

$0.99 for the ketchup (which should have some left over)
$0.99 for the brown sugar (which should have a lot left over)
$0.99 for the buns (which will likely not have any left over,
depending on family size)