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Council for Wildlife Conservation and Education

The Council for Wildlife Conservation and Education, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide accurate conservation education materials that give students positive and factual information about the success of sportsmen-supported wildlife management in North America. Contributions and grants help fund distribution of these video programs, which are available free to schools.

Grades 4-7 — Tells kids the “good news” about America’s thriving wildlife populations and how wildlife management has returned once endangered species to abundance.

Grades 7-12 — Explores the growth and success of wildlife management, and how species such as the white- tailed deer, elk, wood duck, antelope and wild turkey are no longer endangered species.

Grades 7-12 — Provides students with the facts they need to develop informed opinions about the role of hunting in modern society and takes a fair look at both sides of the hunting debate.

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