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    Smile EarthSeeds T-Shirt & much more

    It's Easy to be an EarthSeeds Ambassador

    Being an EarthSeeds Ambassador is a fun, unique approach to spreading the word about EarthSeeds. We know that as a volunteer, you may not have a lot of extra time. But small efforts on the part of many people are all that is necessary to help us increase our national and international outreach.

    Pick a few ideas from our list (or create your own) and involve your friends and other families.

    A Few Ways You Can Help:

    1) Give away EarthSeeds postcards wherever you go, it's fun! The Earth from space postcard is a beautiful symbolic reminder of caring for our planet. Give it away to people and places like museums, schools, camps, churches, etc. It's great on a bulletin board, refridgerator or classroom wall.

    2) Talk with people about EarthSeeds and our efforts to get people thinking and acting about Earth issues. What do they think are the most important issues facing the world? What do they think a global effort to change the world would look like? How could they work with EarthSeeds to make a difference?

    3) Talk to kids about caring for our Earth at schools or youth groups. Give them EarthSeeds postcards, they'll love them. Use our inflatable globe or Earth Facts sheet for added fun. Ask them what their vision for a better world is and what the community can do to help them achieve their vision..

    4) Integrate EarthSeeds with other community groups. The 3 foot EarthSeeds inflatable globe is a great attention-getter if you are working at an information table. We even have a 6' version that works great at large community events and parades.

    5) Create a traveling display with youth art and messages about creating a better world. Put it up in a school and see if other places such as libraries, community organizations, businesses, etc. would like to show the display. This is a great way to recuit more people to get involved.

    6) Find an EarthSeeds special interest area to get involved in -- EarthSeeds theatre, curriculum, Global Youth Voice, community events, youth service learning, mini-grants, media relation, etc. We also need people who can work with young people, adults, teachers, potential alliance partners, funders, and even international networking.

    7) Raise funds for your local organization or for EarthSeeds by selling our inflatable globes! You might even find an organization, store, gift shop or catalog that is interested in caring them so you can make fundraising money on each sale.

    8) As you travel, bring your materials and help develop local, national and international connections. Visit a school, look in the phone book to find like-minded organizations, and have fun developing contacts you'll be able to work in partnership with around the world.

    9) Share the stories you find along the way from youth, organizations and other communities. We want to post success stories on our website, include them in our monthly ambassador enewsletter and encourage you to work with local media to share our message of caring and teamwork to help the planet. If you can, take some photos!

    10) Be an EarthSeeds contact point and coordinator for your area. Keep informed about EarthSeeds and help us work with new people and organizations who want to join our efforts. Recruit other ambassadors and partner organizations, share our website, and gather email addresses of anyone who would like to receive our newsletter.

    How To Get Started:

    If you would like to serve as a volunteer EarthSeeds Ambassador, please contact us at We'll send you a sample EarthSeeds Curriculum, 3 inflatable globes, 100 Earth postcards, some Earth stickers and other written info - plus an EarthSeeds T-shirt.

    Let us know if additional members join your team and we'll send them a T-shirt and postcards as well.
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    Default Re: EarthSeeds T-Shirt & much more

    I am going to get my scouts involved in this for sure! Thanks



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