20/20 Research is currently conducting an online research project with
people regarding personal hygiene. We are specifically looking for
people all over the country. This study involves participation in a
“LIVE” online chat group discussion that will take place Monday, January
21 or Tuesday, January 22.

This group discussion will take place in a secure, online chat site and
would require you to participate for 60 minutes with a small group of
people. If selected to participate, a 20/20 Research employee will
contact you. Prior to the discussion, details will be emailed to you,
which will include a confirmation and instructions, with information on
how to login to the discussion.

As a token of appreciation for your time and participation, we will give
you a $50 incentive at the end of the discussion.

We’d like to ask you to participate in a very brief (3-4 minutes) online
screening survey to see if you qualify for the discussion. Click below
to begin the quick survey: