Digital scrapbooking is cheap. Hands down. Just collect kits and scan or use a digital camera for your photos. You can find a ton of freebie kits online. You dont even have to buy expensive software to do it.
The only cost comes to Printing your pages if you wish. There are a lot of services out there but DH just decided to make me buy a lazer printer. I wasent happy about it but The toner lasted a year for $120 oposed to the $30 inkjet I was useing up every few weeks. If you dont want to Print you can easily put your pages on a cd or even a DVD that can be put in your player and watched.
Ill get you started with two greate sites. One is a freeware software to make your pages with. Its not a click and drag program it works a lot like photoshop. The other is a site that pretty much tells you what freebies are available and whear from.

Gimp image software

Happy scraping!