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HELP!!!!! I desperatly need ideas and suggestions as to how to keep the neighborhood cats from using my yard ( right now, mostly sandy soil) as a litter box.

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    Paw Neighborhood Litterbox

    HELP!!!!! I desperatly need ideas and suggestions as to how to keep the neighborhood cats from using my yard ( right now, mostly sandy soil) as a litter box.

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    Ok, I've been collecting tips as I'm concerned about cats using our wonderful new big garden area. I would definitely try a search on the gardenweb site as it's the one I've seen recommended many times. So far we've had no problems but here's what I've collected so far:

    -- Scatter pinecones in the areas the cats like to visit, especially under bushes. Ponderosa or other prickly cones work best.

    -- Buy a commercial cat repellent and scatter or spray it in the places where the cats are doing their business.

    -- Sprinkle heavy coats of pepper in those areas (I use about one 4-ounce can) where they are leaving their calling cards.

    This guy Bill came up with the most effective cat pee smell solution we have ever seen. remove cat urine odor carpet, remove pet odors, dog urine removal This stuff works better than anything in the pet stores (we tried Nature's Miracle and a few others, but the smells persisted).

    Ground up orange peels supposedly repel cats. Worth a try!

    Check out: GardenWeb - The Internet's Garden Community It's a great place for gardening information. It has both specific plant and location forums. You can use their search button to search for ''cat'' to get lots of different ideas about approaches to the problem that you have encountered.

    To the person who wanted help with cats pooping: we've used chili pepper flakes successfully in our backyard. The drawbacks are that you have to put it out every couple of days and that you have to wait until your child doesn't eat everything she comes in contact with. Also, I've seen machines in catalogs that emit sounds that cats, dogs, mice etc get annoyed by. I've never seen them in stores though.

    I understand your concern ! We had neighborhood cats that were using our yard as a litter box. The smell and the fact that we have a toddler who likes to dig in dirt got us doing some serious research on the matter. Our solution was a motion detector sprinkler. The cats hated getting squirted so much that they quit coming into our yard within the first 3 days ! We only use the sprinkler occasionally now - the cats know to stay away from our yard. It has worked wonders. We got ours through (it's a little pricey at about $100).

    One way to keep the cats out is to put down chicken wire. Apparently, they hate walking on it. As for the bacteria that is potentially already there, I don't know. Ask your midwife or OB for the latest info on toxoplasmosis, and to be tested for it. It's possible you've already had it and are now immune. Good luck; this is maddening.

    To discourage cats, I would recommend a motion-activated sprinkler called a scarecrow. I think they cost about $70 and you can buy them at places like OSH.



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