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    Smile Free reusable shopping bag -MN only

    Free reusable shopping bag -MN only

    Add Green to Your Routine Ė Order your FREE reusable bag!

    Minnesota grocers share your concerns about the health of our communities and the environment. Consumers like you have said they want an option to help reduce bag waste and provide a cleaner and greener environment for their kids and grandkids to enjoy.

    So the Minnesota Grocers Association (MGA), its members and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency have partnered to respond. We are distributing more than 10,000 reusable shopping bags and encouraging consumers to remember reusable bags for all of their retail visits and other uses.

    Reusable shopping bags are convenient, easy to use and help protect the environment. Plus, the compact shopping bags are sturdy enough to handle even the heaviest groceries.

    Hereís how you can Add Green to Your Routine:

    Get your FREE reusable bag from the Minnesota Grocers Association. Take a brief online, confidential survey now to receive your bag and a chance to win $100 in free groceries . Donít hesitate, supplies are limited. Only one bag is available per household. MN residents only.
    Donít use just one. If you need multiple reusable bags, most grocers and other retailers sell them for a minimal cost.
    Keep your bags handy ó store them in your purse or glove box.
    Use reusable bags for all of your shopping trips to the grocery store, department store or farmerís market. You can even use them at your next sporting event or trip to the library!

    Remember your reusable shopping bags!
    Minnesota Grocers Association
    Hope Everyone Is Enjoying The Day. Best Wishes From MN ~ Pamela

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