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Thanks for dropping by and for your interest in EAS products.
If you recently viewed our Team EAS Brady Quinn commercial and are requesting your Free EAS product sample, we need you to help us out so that we can jump on your request right away.

The sample process works like this:

1. You visit because you've see one of our ads or TV commercials (or your buddy told you about it) which said you could get a FREE sample by visiting. (You already did that, and it was pretty darn simple, right?)

2. You clicked on the button on the previous page which said "Free EAS Product Samples." (You already did that, and you're here at this page--painless again)

3. Now, to get your EAS sample, of course we'll need some info from you.
(That's the next step after this page. Creating an account helps us ensure we get the right info from you to send your sample to. It also helps when you come back, and we hope you do, and order from us. And no, we aren't going to sell your name to the IRS, FBI, the KGB, or anyone!)

4. Enter in your code.
(This is our marketing guys way of seeing what is and isn't working. It's not a secret code, and it appears within the advertisement or article. This code is usually found near our 1-800 number or web site address. If you are unable to locate the code, or do not have a code, please enter "EAS11" and you'll be done with the process.)

5. We'll get your sample processed asap.
(We'll be scurrying behind the scenes to make sure you have you your sample lickety-split. If you don't get your sample, give us a shout at 1-800-297-9776 and we'll get another one out to you right away!)

6. Enjoy your sample and visit us often.
(We're here for you--use us! We're always updating our site with cool stuff, so check back often.)

Thanks again for checking us out.

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