Difficulty: Easy

Age: 5 and up

What you'll need:
Plastic strawberry baskets (Your local grocery store will be happy to have you take them.)
Crepe paper streamers, ribbon, or strips of material. (I used crepe paper also gleaned from a local supermarket when they were done with their Easter decorations.)
Pipe cleaners in assorted colors.

How to make it:

Wash and clean the basket.

Fold strips of crepe paper streamer lengthwise in half reducing it's width. Use roughly an arms length of streamer.
If you want a nice bow, then start weaving from the middle of one side of the basket, with the middle of the ribbon. Weave one half then the other and stop at the opposite side, and tie a bow.
Begin weaving the streamer/ribbon/material through the holes, any way you want.
When done braid three different colours of pipe cleaners and attach to either side of the basket as a handle. Catch short pieces of crepe paper/ribbon/material into the braid for a nice effect.
Fill the basket with whatever you like. I've made chocolates, felt, paper cup, egg carton flowers all with pipe cleaner stems.