Difficulty: Very Easy

Age: 3 and up

What you'll need:
Construction paper, various colors
Glue stick
Green chenille stems, one for each flower
Optional: patterned paper

How to make it:
Cut photos into circles to be used as the center of the flower.
Cut simple flower shapes out of construction paper.
Glue photo circle to the center of the flower.

This step is optional: Glue construction paper flower to a piece of patterned paper. Cut around the flower giving your construction paper about a half-inch border of patterned paper.
Tape chenille stem to the back of your flower. Make sure the tape is secure by pressing onto the tape with your fingernail.
Trim ends of chenille to the length you desire, depending on what you are using as a vase. If making a handheld bouquet, donít trim the chenille; simply tie a ribbon bow around them all.

Instead of patterned paper, have children color white paper with various colored markers or crayons and use that as your border.
If you find it easier, instead of cutting around the border, trace it lightly first with a pencil, then cut.
Even the littlest of children can make this craft, simply help them by cutting out photos and flower ahead of time and have them help with the gluing and taping.