Open-Mouth Bunny Basket

Materials needed:
plastic jug (I used a quart size orange juice jug, to make a bigger one, just use a gallon milk jug)
cotton balls
white, pink, blue, and black construction paper
1 black chenille stem
1 1-inch pink pompom
eyelashes used in dollmaking, (optional)

craft glue.
Draw a circle on the corner opposite the handle on the jug, then cut it out.
Cover the entire outside of the jug, except the handle, with cotton balls dipped in craft glue. Cut the chenille stem into thirds (strips of black paper could be used instead), glue on to jug as shown in picture, then glue pink pompom over top of "whiskers". Cut out ears and eyes as in pattern. Use either doll eyelashes or cut out paper ones. Glue ears and eyes in place. Fill with Easter grass and goodies.