Belly Bunny

Large Styrofoam Ball
A plastic or unbreakable jar with a screw on lid (ex. Mason Jar, Jelly jar, Peanut butter jar, etc.)
Construction Paper, White, Pink, and either Black, Blue, Brown, or Green
Cotton Balls
A pink, blue or yellow ribbon (optional)

A grown-up should cut the bottom of the Styrofoam ball just enough so it will sit flat on the table. Then have the kids draw and cut out black, blue, brown, or green eyes, (if you want them to match your child's eyes), white bunny ears with pink ear insides (both ears should be cut so the bottom of the ear is cut straight across), and a pink nose.

Glue a cotton ball in the center of the Styrofoam ball (nose) then glue the small pink nose to the center of the cotton ball. Glue the eyes on to the Styrofoam ball. While the glue is drying take the white bunny ears and the slightly smaller (should be same shape) pink ear insides. Lay the white ears down and glue a tooth pick (or two for more stability) to the front side of the white ear with half of the toothpick/s on the ear and half hanging off the bottom of the ear. Then take and glue the back side of the pink ear on top of the toothpick and white ear. Do this for each ear.
Next glue the Styrofoam ball to the top of the jar lid which can be decorated with a paper doily, markers or whatever you may have. Screw the lid on and whichever way the bunny faces, on the other side glue a cotton ball at the bottom of the jar (tail). When the ears dry stick the toothpick, that is hanging out from the bottom of the ears, into the top of the Styrofoam ball. You can tie a ribbon around the edge of the jar lid.
Fill your bunny with jelly beans, or M&M's or a treat like raisin's or dried fruit. The child can take the bunny to school and share their treats with the class. It is really cute and if the child wants to get creative they can decorate the jar with stickers.
After Easter hold crayons, marbles, pencils, etc.