Tie Dye Easter Egg

Time 20 minutes
Experience beginner
Patterns none required


Use condensed milk and food coloring to create a unique effect on an ordinary egg.

paper plate
paper cups
popsicle stick
egg cup
can opener

sweetened condensed milk 1 can
blown out egg 1
petroleum jelly
plastic wrap
green food coloring 1 bottle
red food coloring 1 bottle

yellow food coloring 1 bottle
blue food coloring 1 bottle

Step By Step Instructions

1. Spoon a generous tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk into each of the paper cups.
2. Pour out two drops of the green, red, yellow and blue food colorings into four of the paper cups. Any more food coloring would make the condensed milk watery. The color will be dark enough for this craft. The remaining cup is for you to mix the color purple. If you bought a box of four bottles of food coloring there are instructions how to mix colors on the back. If not, two drops of red and two drops of blue make purple.
3. Stir up all the colors using a Popsicle stick for each color.
4. Empty the amount of each color of sweetened condensed milk from the paper cup onto the paper plate. You want each color to be separate as much as possible because the milk will spread a bit once it is on the plate.
5. Cut off a piece of tape, double it over upon itself (or use double sided tape) and stick it in the bottom of the egg cup. Spread a very thin layer of petroleum jelly on a small section of a piece of plastic wrap. Lay this section over the opening of the egg cup and press it down so it sticks to the tape. You will sit the egg in there later to dry. The sweetened condensed milk is very sticky and will adhere to any surface it comes in contact with. If you rest it to dry on any paper surface, you will most likely be unable to remove it without either breaking the egg, losing some of your paint or bringing some of the paper with the egg when you remove it.
6. Take the egg you have either blown out or hard-boiled (easier to manage and less likely to break, for younger children) and place it on the plate. Roll it in all directions over the plate until it is completely covered in colored condensed milk. Don't roll it around too much because eventually the colors will blend together and you will lose the individual colors that will make up the tie dyed effect. Pick it up quickly and carefully and deposit it on the piece of plastic wrap in the egg cup. Leave it there until completely dry. The side touching the petroleum jelly may not have dried completely so when the rest of the egg has dried, remove the piece of plastic wrap and tape, turn the egg over (this side should not stick to the egg cup) and let this side dry completely. The excess condensed milk may have pooled slightly in the bottom while it was drying originally without changing your design too much. If necessary, delicately blot any of the excess paint (and petroleum jelly) with a paper towel. Since this is the bottom of the egg it won't really be visible when displayed. The egg will still be slightly tacky when dry. If you want to preserve it for a long time, spray it with an acrylic sealer.