Make an adorable bunny mask to dress up for Easter fun! This cute face mask is easy to make and can be dressed up however you like.

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What you'll need:
sheet craft foam
4x 1 strip of craft foam in contrasting color
Glitter glue (pink and white) optional
12 elastic
Electrical tape

How to make it:
Print the pattern and cut out. (See photo.)
Place pattern onto the craft foam. Leave enough room on the left side of the foam as you will fold the foam and cut it.
Trace the pattern onto the foam. (See photo.)
Fold the foam in half so that the left side of the pattern is in line with the fold.
Hold the foam firmly so that it does not move around and cut around the pattern. Unfold the craft foam and you should have a full face mask. (See photo.)
Cut the eyes out.

Using glitter glue is an optional step. If you are short on time, simply cut the inner ears and nose from a contrasting color of craft foam and glue in place. If using the glitter glue, draw the outline of the nose and fill it in. (See photo.) Repeat this process for the inner ears. (See photo.) Allow to dry. You can use a paintbrush to spread the glitter glue. If the glue is too thick, or if you want it to dry quicker, use your finger to carefully scoop up some of the glitter glue and wipe on a paper towel. Smooth the remaining glitter glue with your finger or paintbrush. (See photo.)
Cut whiskers from the 4x1 strip of craft foam. Glue three whiskers on each cheek. (See photo.)
Staple the elastic to the mask, stapling to the back side. (See photo.)
Trim any excess and cover the sharp edges of the staples with black electrical tape. (See photos 1, 2)

Glitter glue can be found at discount department stores, or in a larger and more colorful collection at craft supply stores.
Craft foam is sold in large sheets or in value packs containing several colors.
Pink is great for girls, blue for boys, and green or yellow for anyone!