This would make a cute decoration on your table this Easter. If you make the Easter Bunny small, you could make several and use as place settings with the person's name painted on the bunny.

Parental supervision is recommended with the use of the hot glue gun and wire cutters.

What you'll need:
2 Terra-cotta pots (any 2 of same size)
White Gesso
Gold glitter craft paint
Paint brush
White felt
Pink felt
2 Small wiggle eyes
Hot glue or tacky glue
Pink ribbon
1 Tiny pink pom pom
3 White pom poms (at least double the size of the pink pom pom)
2 Small silk rose buds
Wire cutters

How to make it:
Base coat the two terra-cotta pots with white Gesso. Let dry.
Glue the terra-cotta pots together (see photo).
Cut a piece of ribbon to fit around the middle of the bunny. Glue in place.

Tie a bow with another piece of ribbon and glue on.
Add gold glitter craft paint on center of bow.
Glue white pom poms on right above ribbon (see photo).
Glue pink pom pom above and right between white pom poms.
Glue on wiggle eyes.
Cut out ears out of white felt. Cut ears a bit smaller out of pink felt. Glue together.
Glue ears on top of the bunny.
Cut the stems off the rosettes with the wire cutters.
Glue a ribbon rosette in front and in back of ears.
Glue bunny tail on the back of bunny, about half way up the bottom pot. Let dry.