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Saw this on Yahoo today, made me chuckle.

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    Default Freebie Makes the News

    Saw this on Yahoo today, made me chuckle.

    'Bailout' hits Domino's for 11,000 free pizzas

    CINCINNATI The Domino's pizza chain has given away nearly 11,000 free pizzas because of a never-used promotion that a Web customer stumbled upon. Tim McIntyre, spokesman for Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Domino's, said Wednesday that the company had prepared an Internet coupon for an ad campaign that was considered in December but never activated.

    McIntyre said somebody discovered that the code word "bailout" was good for a free medium pizza ordered online. The information quickly spread Monday night on the Web, until the code was deactivated Tuesday morning.

    The owner of 14 Domino's locations in the Cincinnati area says his stores gave away more than 600 pies. Owner John Glass told The Cincinnati Enquirer that Domino's promised to reimburse him for the pizzas
    Hope Everyone Is Enjoying The Day. Best Wishes From MN ~ Pamela

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    Default Re: Freebie Makes the News

    yeah that was a funny one



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