Free 22lb Bag of Dog Food if you adopted a dog in 2007!

When you adopt a dog in 2007, we’ll thank you with a free month’s supply of PEDIGREE® Food For Dogs*.

You have to downlaod the form, fill it out, send copies of proof of adoption and they will send you a coupon for a free 22lb bag of dry food!

They also have a free shirt that says "Dogs Rule" Here is the specific on that:

DOGS RULE®. Now here’s a great way to say it loud and proud, without even opening your mouth: get your paws on a DOGS RULE® T-shirt.
For a limited time you can order your exclusive “T” for free. All you have to do is fulfill any one of these purchase requirements:
a) Two (2) PEDIGREE® Dry Food For Dogs 5 lb bags or larger
b) Twelve (12) PEDIGREE® Canned or Pouch Food For Dogs
c) Three (3) PEDIGREE® Snacks & Treats For Dogs
Once you’ve made your purchases, send the completed official offer form and all of the UPC symbols from the items bought to the address below: