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    Ohio Wine Atlas

    Get Your Copy of the Ohio Wine Guide

    The Ohio Grape Industries Committee has responded to consumers who want to know more about Ohio's new generation of wines. The Committee released the Ohio Wine Guide, a booklet that provides more than directions to Ohio's many wineries. This helpful piece provides information on the varieties and styles of wines made by Ohio's talented winemakers.

    "The more people know about Ohio wines, the more likely they are to try them. And once they try them, they like them," explains Nick Ferrante winemaker for the Ferrante Winery and Ristorante in Geneva, Ohio.

    The Ohio Wine Guide is available by calling 866-OHGRAPES, or completing the form below. Ohio wineries also have copies and the book will also be distributed through the Ohio Department of Transportation's Information Centers and local convention and visitors bureaus.
    Ohio Grape Industries
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