New Link/Offer from Purina/Free Bag of Cat or Dog food or Both

Pay attention... Please note ***** You must Copy and Paste for this New Link to work*****

It does not matter if you got Purina samples from other offers or already registered... Just login if you are a member or sign up/register if you are new... If you copy & paste it will go through... good for new or old members... This is verified... It worked for me as well as all my friends and anyone else in other forums/groups... Just remember to copy and paste... So sorry if the copy paste makes it hard for anyone... a link would be fine for new members that never applied for the free purina food... but for members that have applied in the past... the link will not allow them to get the free offer... old members MUST copy and paste... I believe the reason is because Purina is revamping their websites.